SIU Ventures invites San Ignacio University students to accelerate their projects in the North American market

Wednesday May 11, 2022

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  • San Ignacio University supports its students with resources, mentorship, and training to launch innovative and marketable ideas or expand their current businesses.

Operating a business and studying at the same time are possible. San Ignacio University (SIU) students can materialize their entrepreneurial ideas or expand their businesses with the support of SIU Ventures, SIU’s business incubator and accelerator that provides the necessary services to support their success.

SIU Ventures in Miami
Entrepreneurs are supported in identifying opportunities and building viable businesses by developing skills in creating ideas, acquiring resources, and managing finances.

Students who join SIU Ventures will have access to coaching, mentoring, training opportunities, community connections, as well as being part of the Student Entrepreneurship Club.

Consequently, they will be able to gain experience in basic business operations such as accounting, financial management, marketing, market research, and business plan development.

“As a business incubator, SIU will provide entrepreneurs with valuable access to industry experts and mentors. By taking advantage of the services and resources offered, startups can save time and money spent on day-to-day operating activities” said Dr. Althia Ellis, Dean of Academic Affairs at SIU.

SIU Ventures coaching and mentoring services will also help entrepreneurs bridge the gap in knowledge or experience needed to improve decision-making. “Students will increase their leadership skills and competencies,” said Dr. Ellis.

SIU Student Entrepreneurship Club
The Club is run by students and open to all majors. Here, students will be able to network, identify mentors, start a business, or grow an existing business. The club provides various tools and hosts guest speakers, launch events, business plan contests, forums, and workshops on business-related topics.

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Backed by USIL Ventures
USIL Ventures, incubator, and accelerator of the San Ignacio de Loyola Educational Group, is supporting SIU Ventures in its program implementation. “The advantage of SIU Ventures is its location in the North American market, which allows it to attract more startups with a technological and innovation component. It has more direct access to the US market to attract potential angel investors or mentors and, at the same time, it would be a bridge for Peruvian startups that wish to make a soft landing in the United States,” said Arturo Garro, Coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Communications at USIL Ventures.