How can you live in the USA as a student?

Friday November 18, 2022

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Starting a life in the USA through the academic path will be an amazing experience: you’ll get a solid background, a network of important connections, you’ll meet new places, adopt new customs and above all, you’ll start a new career.

Don’t forget your main objective: you’re migrating to the USA to train academically and to study a professional career that will give you the necessary tools for a successful future.

What do you need to achieve it?

The first step will be an acceptance letter from your university. This document ensures your enrollment to the educational institution that you chose and that you’re registered in a database. Without this record, you won’t be able to start the visa procedures at the American Embassy.

The entrance to the university has a particular regulation, reason why you must be in permanent communication with your institution so the requirements can be fulfilled and avoid surprises.

When you’re done with this, your next step will be to apply for a student permit that could work as a F-1 Visa for academic studies. You can read more about the terms here.

Can I work and study at the same time?

Short answer, in this case, would be “no”. Although it is true, studies imply a substantial budget, considering that you won’t be able to work while you study, which is the reason why this money should be planned in advance. What you will be able to do is some practical training inside your university or an internship after you finish your career.

Be wise and inform yourself well before starting any procedure related to working in your student condition, because you could set a bad precedent with the American authorities, and they can be forced to leave the U.S. If you have a job offer after completing your studies, you’ll have to process your H-1B visa or temporary employment with the sponsorship of your future employer.

Keep in mind, if you’re a minor or you have plans for your family to travel with you, they’ll be able to apply for a F-2 visa, depending on the case. Is important to know that this type of visa also won’t authorize them to work in the United States while their permit lasts.

Remember that there are many steps to apply for a visa. The order of the process and how to complete it can vary according to the U.S embassy or consulate in your country. Is important that you see the instructions in the official website and that way you’ll be able to take it the best way possible

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