Myths and truths about studying in the USA.

Friday November 18, 2022

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If your only exposure to the american reality is what you’ve seen through television, movies, and social media, stop for a few minutes: you may have a partial version of reality.

That only hamburgers and fries are eaten, that English will be difficult because it is not your mother tongue, that life is very expensive and other popular sayings become frequent doubts among students. Join us to demystify certain phrases that you may have heard before and that might not be true.

· Life in university is bohemian. False. Yes, graduation and end-of-year parties are held, but it will be up to you if you commit 100% to the academic life. Of course, you must remember that the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in the United States are only permitted after the age of 21, its possession before this age could generate problems with the authorities.

· The International experience is something extra. True. You’ll become an attractive professional for national and international companies because you will not only master another language but studying abroad will also help you develop the skill to better adapt to changes, have a more globalized vision, and acquire the talent for interacting with other cultures.

· Studying in the US is expensive. False. Although you do need a defined budget just like when studying in your own country; in the United States you can access financial support, agreements, and scholarships in your first year of studies. This will depend on the special attributes you have as a student. Check what options you have with the financial department of your institution.

· The academic level is intense. True. Your career will demand a lot of work, effort, and dedication. Your main objectives as a student will be to commit to your role and learn for life. The submission of assignments and projects will be punctual, so you will also develop the ability to better manage your time.

· English is difficult. False. Believe it or not. English grammar is simpler than the Spanish one. Currently English is studied from the kindergarten, at school, it’s reinforced daily with music, information on the internet and in the media. Being in the United States will make it easier for you to insert yourself into the language and culture of that country.

· There are scholarships and agreements for outstanding students. True. If you are a qualified athlete or have great skills for the program you will study, you will be able to access agreements and financial aid for students. Check with your university which options they have for you.

· The food is unhealthy. False. Nowadays there are a variety of options to preserve your health through food. A healthy diet will depend on you making good decisions regarding your food preferences, your schedule, and financial possibilities.

Had you considered all these aspects before making the decision to study abroad? If not, take some time to reflect and draw your own conclusions. Any questions that may arise in your mind, do not hesitate to contact us. Follow us on our social media on Facebook, Instagram or write us an email to We’ll be happy to assist you!