The challenge of Entrepreneurship by María Luisa Pujalt

Friday November 18, 2022

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Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it means jumping into the pool in search of your dreams and making them come true, it demands all your energy, it demands your soul to be committed, a lot of effort and sacrifice, working with love and passion in search of excellence. Being an entrepreneur means being eager to fulfill yourself professionally. To be an entrepreneur you must have a very clear objective and follow your intuition, it implies a lot of strength. To be an entrepreneur you have to be resourceful, that is to think without the limitations of money and know that in the most difficult situations is where all your creativity is enhanced.

Being an entrepreneur means facing your fears by putting yourself into action, being flexible to see opportunities and adapting to changes. Being an entrepreneur means dreaming big and taking the big leap. The important thing is to try, this makes you grow as a person, adapt to change and have an attitude of change. No matter how many times you make mistakes. It means knowing how to seek help when you need it. It is easier to do nothing, but the great satisfaction of giving it your all and achieving it is priceless.

María Luisa Pujalt

Founding Partner and General Manager of Laurie & Pujalt S.A.C. María Luisa holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from USIL and a Diploma in Finance. She is a founding partner and general manager of Laurie & Pujalt S.A.C., a company dedicated to the commercialization of exquisite natural and gourmet products with intense flavors and great presentation. Under the brand Natural Crystal Salt, it markets the natural salt from the Sacred Valley of the Incas known as Maras Salt. Its main customers are gourmet stores and supermarkets.