Thinking of studying in the USA? Consider these 7 aspects for a successful stay

Friday November 18, 2022

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You decided to study in the USA, the most powerful country of the world. You’ve taken the first step in your path towards success, and you have a lot of questions running around your head. Well, you made it to the right place: yes, here we can help you dispel some doubts and take better decisions.

These are the seven aspects that you should consider for moving to another country and to achieve your professional and personal goals soon.

  1. Accessibility:

Marcela Guzmán Galán, San Ignacio University’s International Program Coordinator, considers that getting to know deeply your interests will make it easier to choose the city where you want to live. For example: if you like beaches and the summer, Miami city is a great option. This exercise of introspection and investigation you must do it in your country of origin and the decision you take will also be linked to your next study center, how you’re going to mobilize and if there are shopping center near your house so you can stock up on food, medicine, etc.

  1. Transportation:

The bus, subway and tram are the cheapest way of public transportation. Cabs available through app are also very popular to mobilize you. If you live near the study center, you could ride your bike or scooter, but if you prefer to use your own car and you’re of legal age, you’ll have to get your driver’s license Check the procedure here.

  1. Food:

The meal plan is very important to keep yourself healthy and full of energy for the daily activities. Consider what do you mainly eat and make a monthly budget so you can plan what to buy without overspending. If you have a different regime -for example, you’re vegetarian or you like to eat out- is necessary that you know where you can get the food you require, if they’re near your house and if they’re affordable.

  1. Health:

It’s recommended to all international students to take out a health insurance to cover the basic specialists (dentistry, ophthalmology, internal medicine, etc.). If you, unfortunately, suffer from a chronic illness, this is a factor to consider before taking out an insurance, because you’ll need a prescription to get the medicine: not all the medicine is over the counter in the USA. Check with your university which health insurance would be the most advisable for you.

  1. Housing:

If your classes are in-person, is very important that you new house is near your study location or that it has access to public transportation, so you don’t waste time traveling. The owner of the place will ask for your documentation (passport), if you’re a minor, from your legal guardian; and a letter from the bank that proves your economic solvency or of your parents

Contracts are made for a limited time, that’s why the negotiation with the owner is key in the first stage. The most recommended is that you have a contract from your country of origin and not to wait until you get into the United State to start looking for a house.

The cost of rent for a room ranges between 1,800 and 2,000 dollars around the area of El Doral, Miami. “The rent of a two-bedroom apartment can cost 2,800 dollars”, indicates Elio Acosta, professor at San Ignacio University.

When choosing your space, consider if its furnished or not, if it includes services (electricity, water, internet, laundry, etc.) and common areas for cooking or for exercising. If it lacks any of them, you will have to cover the difference.

  1. Savings:

Although is not obligatory, is recommended to save a percentage of money that you dispose as additional funds that would allow you to take care of any expense that could come as an emergency: unexpected trip, an accident, repairing a computer, etc.

  1. Hobbies:

If you used to play a sport in your country of origin, go to the movies regularly, belong to a club or hang out with friends to have fun, is important that you continue to do these activities in the United States or to do other similar activities. It’s not enough to study and get good grades, taking care of your mental health, social life and community integration, is also important.

Have you considered all these aspects before making the decision of studying overseas? If that’s not the case, take a time to reflect on this and complete your list. Any doubt that could come out, you can follow our social media, Facebook, Instagram or write us an email to and we will gladly help you.